Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, Slovenia

CLARIN.SI Partners

Alpineon, d.o.o.

The development of hardware and software in the field of language and speech technologies: speech recognition and synthesis, machine translation, voice portals, SMS and e-mail readers.

Representative: Jerneja Žganec Gros
Substitute representative: Boštjan Vesnicer

Amebis, d.o.o.

Language technology software: Slovenian spell and syntax checkers, machine translations, speech synthesis, corpora, online dictionaries, virtual agents, etc.

Representative: Miro Romih
Substitute representative: Peter Holozan

Domestic Research Society

Domestic Research Society manages the first free online dictionary of the Slovene spoken language, “The Unleashed Tongue“, developed in 2004.

Representative: Alenka Pirman
Substitute Representative: Jani Pirnat

Jožef Stefan Institute

At JSI several departments (E3, E8, E9) are involved in language technology research, working in the fields of linguistic annotation of texts, compiling language corpora and other Slovene language resources, text mining and text analytics, machine translation, speech synthesis, etc.

Representative: Tomaž Erjavec (National coordinator)
Substitute representatives: Simon Krek, Katja Zupan

Institute of Contemporary History

The institute is, together with the SRC SASA, in charge of the SI-DIH portal, the Slovenian branch of the European research infrastructure for the Humanities DARIAH.

Representative: Andrej Pančur
Substitute representatives: Mojca Šorn, Jurij Hadalin

Slovenian Language Technologies Society

The Society was founded in 1998 and joins people working on language technologies from the scientific, educational or user perspectives. Its activities are aimed at promoting the development of language technologies for the Slovenian language.

Representative: Darja Fišer
Substitute representative: Katja Zupan

Trojina, Institute for Applied Slovene Studies

Trojina is undertakes projects aimed at modern, targeted linguistic research and at increasing the confidence of speakers in public and private use of the Slovene language.

Representative: Iztok Kosem
Substitute representative: Kaja Dobrovoljc

University of Ljubljana

At the University of Ljubljana, corpus linguistics and language technology research is carried out at the Centre for Language Technologies, at the Faculty of Arts (primarily the Department of Translation), Faculty of Social Sciences (Research Centre for the Terminology of Social Sciences and Journalism), Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Laboratory of Artificial Perception, Systems and Cybernetics) and the Faculty of Computer and Information Science (Laboratory for Cognitive Modeling).

Respresentative: Monika Kalin Golob
Substitute representative: Marko Robnik Šikonja

University of Maribor

Research on language and speech technologies at the University of Maribor is undertaken mainly at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, in the scope of the Institute for Electronics and Telecommunications and the Institute for Computer Science (Laboratory for Heterogenous Computer systems).

Representative: Darinka Verdonik
Substitute representative: Andrej Žgank

University of Nova Gorica

At the University of Nova Gorica, linguistics is studied at the Center for Cognitive Science of Language. The primary areas of interest are theoretical and experimental syntax, morphology, semantics, and pragmatics. A considerable amount of time is also devoted to sociolinguistic, language-policy, language-planning issues, and various other applied aspects of linguistics.

Representative: Rok Žaucer
Substitute representative: Franc Marušič

University of Primorska

Language technology research and corpus linguistics are undertaken at the Faculty for Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies, mainly at the Department of Information Sciences and Technologies.

Respresentative: Ana Beguš
Substitute representative: Jernej Vičič

Scientific and Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

At SRC SASA, the Fran Ramovša Institute for Slovenian Language is the national centre for systematic monitoring and description of Slovene language materials. The results of this research are dictionaries, collections and reference works for Slovene language and scientific papers.

Representative: Mateja Jemec Tomazin
Substitute representatives: Helena Dobrovoljc, Nina Ledinek