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NoSketch Engine | Gigafida, Kres, Gos | Nova beseda | Evrokorpus

NoSketch Engine

The NoSketch Engine @ server enables powerful querying of over 30 corpora, mostly but by no means exclusively in Slovene. The majority of the corpora is freely available, i.e. without prior registration, and without special restrictions. Note that the corpus queries are RESTful, so they can be saved as an URL, e.g. the frequency lexicon of word forms of the lemma “ljubezen” in the IMP corpus of historical Slovene.

Gigafida, Kres and Gos

The concordancers for Slovene reference corpora Gigafida (1 billion words), Kres (balanced, 100 mil.) and Gos (spoken language, 1 million) were purpose built for these corpora, mainly in the project “Communication in Slovene” 

Nova beseda

Nova beseda (“New Word”) is a 300 million word corpus of the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language offered under the NEVA concordancer by Primož Jakopin of their Slovenian language Corpus Laboratory.


Evrokorpus is a collection of parallel bilingual Slovene corpora of EU legislation, connected with Evroterm.